Dragonflies and Damselflies of Tasmania


Authors: Michael Driessen and Günther Theischinger

This colour field guide is dedicated solely to Tasmanian species of dragonflies and damselflies and includes information on their conservation and scientific significance.

It also includes the most recent consensus of dragonfly and damselfly taxonomy. The beautiful images, detailed descriptions, identification keys and distribution maps will help the reader identify the dragonflies and damselflies in Tasmania. It is the ideal size to take into the field.

This book caters for the beginner, providing clear images of each species (both male and female) and more experienced people who will find the illustrated keys to adults and larvae valuable.

A comprehensive illustrated glossary explains all terms used in the book, something that is often lacking in other guides.

Paperback, A5, 132 pages



Authors: Michael Driessen and Günther Theischinger

Publisher: Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club Inc. November 2023

Format: Paperback, 132 pages A5, including 74 colour illustrations

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