NatureTrackers Call for Bat Roosting sites

The Bookend Trust, through the NatureTrackers program, has recently launched the CallTrackers project – so anyone in Tasmania can help monitor bats through recording their calls. [...]

Coastal Weed Warning – Rice Grass

Rice Grass (Spartina anglica) Warning A new and potentially devastating weed has recently been detected in the Huon and D’Entrecasteaux Channel waterway. Known as an “ecosystem [...]

Haldene Reserve Consultation

The Lenah Valley Community Association is engaged in a community consultation process about the Haldane Reserve. This Hobart City Council managed bush/rivulet area was established on land ‘gifted' to [...]

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Tasmania

Congratulations to Michael Driessen and Gunther Theischinger for writing TFNC’s latest publication. Dragonflies and Damselflies of Tasmania is designed as a field guide but with much [...]

A new book from member Simon Grove

Seasons in the South - a Tasmanian naturalist's journey of discovery — and recovery “Simon Grove comes from the great tradition of naturalists who see the [...]

Great Southern Bioblitz 2023

The 2023 Great Southern Bioblitz will be held 24th to 27th November 2023. More information is available from Results from the 2022 survey are available [...]

Bumble Bees – Bombus terrestris

Message from Researcher James Mackinson: I am a bee biologist from Western Sydney University. I am currently in Tasmania until the 9th of May studying the [...]

Don Hird Travel Blog

Bangkok to Chiang Rai I will be biking with Peter on this trip. Good friend from Vienna, he has been here since November so is way [...]

Community Rainbow Lorikeet trapping program

Rainbow Lorikeets are classed as an invasive species, they are not protected and landowners are able to safely and humanely destroy them. The Environmental and Invasive [...]

Le Souëf Award presentation

At the General Meeting on Thursday 7 April, 2022 members Kristi Ellingsen and Tony Daley were presented with the Victorian Entomological Society’s Le Souëf Memorial Award. They [...]

Winners of Victoria’s Le Souëf Memorial Award

Congratulations to TFNC members Kristi Ellingsen and Tony Daley who have won the Entomological Society of Victoria’s Le Souëf Memorial Award. They have made a major contribution to the [...]

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