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Biennial Field Naturalists Federation Weekend Get-together

11, 12 & 13 October 2019

Letter to Tas Field Nats from Lou Booker at NE Field Nats Club

Here are the promised details about the Federation Weekend – October 11th, 12th& 13th.

After reading them, you might realise that we want the weekend to be as sociable as possible. It is likely  that members in most clubs are involved in many other citizen science activities as well as field nats. So maybe there is something that field nat. clubs have that is unique ??

Friday night 11th.

Arrive Bridport, informal barbeque at 31 Elizabeth Street,  Bridport. Our club will provide meat – visitors provide salads or makings of. Come any time !!

Saturday 12th.

Outing to Waterhouse Conservation Area with Leader Mike Douglas. This is an easy 6km walk over heathlands and through woodlands in the One Tree Hill area beginning and finishing at Blizzard’s Landing. Mike is a qualified leader who can cover geology, botany and is also able to talk about the travels of George Augustus Robinson and his observations of aboriginal life.

 Saturday night meal at 20 Edward Street, Bridport : our club members will be catering.

Saturday night entertainment : opportunity for members and visitors to make short presentations either about the citizen science their members are engaged in or perhaps a precis of club activities. Work it out amongst yourselves. Laptop and T.V available for pictures. An informal night.

 Sunday 13th:

In the morning, we will visit Scott Bell’s property within which is an enclosure created by the Save the Devil Program. This enclosure may or may not be occupied – it is managed by the DPIPWE, but it is accessible and Scott can give information. His covenanted property of 240 hectares has 17 different vegetation types including some rare species. Lunch will be at the site of Scott’s house overlooking Noland and St. Alban’s Bay.


Our club members will host visitors. This will be on a first-to-book-with-me basis.  See email to members for details.

A list of local accommodation has also been included in the member email.

If you are interested in extra activities – there is the 10km Bridport Walking Track. It has its own website. There is the wildflower reserve and [if you are interested] you could walk along the foreshore and look at the way it has been ‘managed’ by Dorset Council.

We are looking forward to sharing time with you.

Lou Brooker,

N.E. Field Naturalist Club.

This post was updated on 21 August 2019

2019 Australian Native Plants Society 'Blooming Diversity' Conference

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 Keynote speaker, botanist Greg Keighery, said that “the Conference theme is Know, Grow, Conserve and Enjoy our Western Australian wildflowers and the program of speakers and excursions has been designed around this”. 

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Trophy awarded to Genevieve GatesTrophy awarded to Genevieve Gates



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