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 Easter Camp 2022 at Tullah


The TFNC Easter Camp 2022 will be held at Tullah on the West Coast and will be centered on Tullah Lakeside Lodge.

The official part of the camp will be for two nights, Friday 15th April to Sunday 17th April 2022. Some members intend to arrive a day or two early and intend to stay on for a day or two longer. You are welcome to join them.

Tullah Lakeside Lodge is about 4 ½ hours’ drive from Hobart and information about the premises and available rooms can be found here .

The Lodge has a 24-hour cancellation policy so if COVID developments or personal circumstances result in you not being able to attend, you must cancel by midday Thursday 14th April. Cancellations must have written confirmation such as an e-mail.

For reservations made through Trybooking

Early reservations made through Trybooking have now been finalized. Tullah Lakeside Lodge has been informed of who has reserved which type of room. If you are only staying for the two nights of the official part of the camp, nothing further needs to be done until you turn up on the day.

Payment for the reserved rooms can be made at Tullah Lakeside Lodge.

To book any extra nights, please phone Tullah Lakeside Lodge (03) 6473 4188 and quote Reservation Number 91733 and the name the reservation was made in. Please book extra nights early because there may be a rush on Easter bookings.

Other reservations

Members are welcome to make their own bookings directly with Tullah Lakeside Lodge or other nearby accommodation either directly with the hotels or using your favored booking service. If you can only turn up for part of the camp, you will be welcome. The camp is being held during Easter so available rooms will disappear quickly and as rooms become scarcer, prices may increase.


We plan to meet at the Lodge at lunchtime on 15th April and finish Sunday 17th April, so members have time to get home to have Sunday evening with their families.

The itinerary may be developed in consultation with Keith Corbett, who has previously presented talks to TFNC and has led an excursion to the Growling Swallet. Keith lives in Queenstown and has great familiarity with the area’s nature, geology, and history.

For those staying longer than the official part of the camp, informal groups can form to pursue common interests.

Food availability at Tullah

The rooms in Tullah Lakeside Lodge have a kettle, cups, and a small fridge.

Inside the Lodge there is the Lakeside Bar and Grill, serving breakfasts, lunches, and teas. Use this link for menus .

The Tullah Café is located near the Lodge at 30 Farrell St. It is open from 4:30 AM to 3:00 PM weekdays only and is either dine in or take away, including sandwiches and wraps .

Tullah Cottage Café is located at 21 Peters St and is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily  .

Tullah Tavern is located at Lot 1 Murchison Highway. It opens from 11:00 AM and its café offers lunch and dinner .

Other food options are available in Rosebery, a drive of about 12 minutes.

Posted October 2021, updated December 5, 2021

Call for photographs of Dragonflies and Damselflies

Michael Driessen is currently developing a field guide to Tasmanian dragonflies and damselflies.

If you have photos you think may help illustrate it, please forward them to Pictures can be of adults, larvae, metamorphosis or behaviour. If used, you will be contacted and acknowledged in the guide.

Posted 7 September 2021

 Informal excursions

In recent times some members of Field Naturalists have been conducting some informal excursions, often mid-week. Don Hird is interested in visiting the Tom Gibson Nature Reserve in the Northern Midlands, not far from the Midland Highway near Epping Forest. The reserve was partly set up as a bettong reserve as they are not adequately represented in the existing reserve system and are now endemic to Tasmania. Don would like anyone interested in joining him to contact him via email. At this stage there is no scheduled date and this can be organised to be convenient for everyone interested. Don’s email is .

Posted 2 May 2021