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The Tasmanian Naturalist

Published annually, The Tasmanian Naturalist presents articles on all aspects of natural history, with a focus on Tasmania and Tasmanian naturalists, together with views on the management of natural values, in both formal eg. scientific papers and informal styles.

Chief Editor: Sabine Borgis

Editorial Team: Alastair Richardson, Stephen Harris, Phil Collier.

Publisher: Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club Inc.

Format: 100-200 pages typically, 21cm x 15cm, colour photos & diagrams
Bound issues are obtainable from The Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club
  • by annual subscription
  • as single-issue purchases including back-copies if available.

The deadline for submission of papers for the 2023 edition of The Tasmanian Naturalist is 31st. August 2023.

For submissions or further information please contact Sabine Borgis at:



Further information for authors can be found here...

Note about accessing past issues of The Tasmanian Naturalist

Past issues of The Tasmanian Naturalist can be found below. You do not have to have a password or login to access them. However some browsers and firewalls may make access problematic. Try using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari browsers. If you would like an electronic copy of any paper and cannot download it here, please email and we can email it to you.

Tables of Authors and Titles

The tables linked here will allow you to search for a particular name or word, assisting you to locate the target paper in the repository below.

Here is a table of titles and authors of all papers for Volumes 1-133 (1907-2011)

Here is a table of titles and authors of all papers for Volumes 134-138 (2012-2016)

Here is a table of titles and authors of all papers for Volumes 139-142 (2017-2021)

The issues of The Tasmanian Naturalist are listed in this (BOX) repository in chronological order from 1907-2021. Click through the pages to find the issue you require.