Rainbow Lorikeets are classed as an invasive species, they are not protected and landowners are able to safely and humanely destroy them.

The Environmental and Invasive Biosecurity Branch of NRE have a community Rainbow Lorikeet trapping program running in the Kingston and Hobart areas, where they have a bird trap near a feeder and euthanise any Rainbow Lorikeets when they are caught. It is hoped that the same program can be set up on the north of the state, when they can get more traps made.

They are asking if any of our members know of any locations where Rainbow Lorikeets frequently feed AND that the landowners are happy to work in a trapping program.

If so, please contact Toni Furlonge, Environmental and Invasive Biosecurity Program Co-ordinator (NRE): 0439 446 738 or toni.furlonge@nre.tas.gov.au