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Advice for Authors

The Tasmanian Naturalist Journal - Advice for Contributors

The Tasmanian Naturalist publishes articles on all aspects of natural history and the conservation, management and sustainable use of natural resources, with a focus on Tasmania and Tasmanian naturalists. These can be either in a formal or informal style. Articles need not be written in a traditional scientific format unless appropriate for the content. A wide range of types of articles is accepted. For instance, the journal will publish articles that:

  • summarise or review relevant scientific studies, in language that can be appreciated by field naturalists;
  • stimulate interest in, or facilitate in identifying, studying or recording particular taxa or habitats;
  • record interesting observations of behaviour, phenology, natural variation or biogeography;
  • stimulate thinking and discussion on points of interest or contention to naturalists;
  • put the study of natural history today into context through comparisons with past writings, archives, etc.;
  • review recent publications that are relevant to the study of Tasmanian natural history.

Book reviews, web site reviews, poetry and prose and other informal natural-history related content are also accepted. If you are thinking of submitting such material, please check with the Editor first, to avoid duplication of items such as book reviews and for appropriateness of content.

Submission of manuscripts

Manuscripts should be emailed to the editor at or posted to the Club’s address. Contact the Editor prior to submission if you have any issues to discuss. Formal articles should follow the style of similar articles in recent issues and include an abstract. Informal articles need not fit any particular format and need not have an abstract. Unless otherwise stated, all images are by the author(s). All articles will be reviewed by the editors and/or by external referees. Responsibility for accuracy and currency of taxonomic nomenclature rests with the author(s). Please refer to the Guidelines  for Authors, linked below. The editors use the Macquarie Dictionary and the Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers as standard reference texts. Do not use hyperlinks in the text or in references.
Submissions should be provided electronically, preferably in MS Word or in Rich Text Format. Images, tables and diagrams must be submitted in separate files, and must be of suitable resolution and format to be published at A5 size.

Submission deadline is 31 August.

Articles from previous volumes of The Tasmanian Naturalist are available for download; prospective authors should view recent articles for ideas on style, format and content.

Potential authors should download and consult the Guidelines for authors. (pdf 300kb.)

Guidelines for authors