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Excursion photos

Excursion Photographs and Reports


Our monthly meetings usually include a guest speaker, and if the topic is suitable for a follow-up excursion, we arrange a group outing on either the following Saturday or Sunday centred around the subject of the talk. In any case, an outing to an interesting natural area is organised.

Each excursion is reported in the quarterly Bulletin, with a description of what was seen, and often there are extensive species lists too.

See our Bulletin archive here

There is also an annual excursion to an area of the state of particular natural-history interest, held over a full weekend, which allows more extensive and varied activities.

A photographic record of excursions held from 2001 to 2010 can be found on the old TFN Weebly site.

Excursion photographs were, in the past,  often uploaded to our Flickr site by members. You will need to make an account to Flickr to view them.

Facebook Page

Many members now post excursion photos and photos of natural history interest which they take through the month, on the Tas Field Nats Facebook Page.