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Excursion Information

Saturday 6th November  - Tooms Lake Excursion

Tooms Lake is a Conservation Area and trout fishing destination located east of Oatlands. At this
time of year, the show of wildflowers and their pollinators should be close to their peak. Bird life will
include waterfowl and waders as well as many other species in the surrounding forests.
We will meet at Lake Tooms at 10:30 at the car park and toilet near the small village of fishing
shacks, close to the water’s edge. It is a 2 hour and 10 minutes’ drive from Hobart. Being a long
drive, car pooling can be organised at the TFNC General Meeting on the preceding Thursday.
From Hobart it takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to drive to Oatlands which is the last stop for
food, drinks, and fuel.
About 5 minutes further north of Oatlands on the Midlands Highway, turn right onto the York Plains
Road. This road is a prime location for seeing wedge-tailed eagles and other raptorial birds. After
about 15 km, just after Winspears Lagoon, turn left onto Stonehouse Road. If you arrive at Lemont
you have gone too far! After travelling on Stonehouse Road for approximately 15km turn right onto
Tooms Lake Road. From there it is about 5 km to Tooms Lake. In all, its about an hour’s drive from


iNaturalist - results from September excursion to Ponybottom Creek

Observations from September’s excursion to Pony Bottom Creek and Chestermans Sugarloaf are available from iNaturalist. To see them and observations from other recent excursions, please use this link More observations made on the day can be added at any time, so it is never too late. If you are familiar with any of the species observed, we would appreciate if you could either agree with the species ID or suggest the likely ID so the observations can become “research quality” and available to other users.

Instructions for excursion on Sunday 5th September 2021

Ponybottom Creek and Chestermans Sugarloaf, Wielangta

10:00 AM Sunday 5th September

 We will meet at Ponybottom Creek on the Wielangta Road at 10:00 AM and hope to finish about 2:00 PM. The driving time from Hobart via Copping is about 80 minutes.

Bring your lunch, snack and drink. Dress for the weather, including being off tracks. We expect to be able to boil a lunchtime billy, but you will need your own mug and tea bag, and a thermos if the weather prevents getting a fire going.

The area is mostly dry sclerophyll on sandstone or dolerite, and there is an interesting flooded swale with frogs.

Access Instructions:

Turn first left immediately after the Copping sign at the entry to the town. The turnoff sign says "Kellevie, (Orford) and (Nugent)". There is also a brown wooden sign saying 'Wielangta Forest Road". Keep a lookout for identical wooden signs at each significant fork. As you pass through Kellevie stay on the bitumen as it turns right. It changes to gravel soon after that. You climb, heading for the northern end of Bream Creek. Just as you are nearing the crest, Wielangta forest road turns left. The old sign warns some sections are only passable in a 4WD. The sign is outdated as the road has since been upgraded and is now accessible by two wheel drive vehicles. However, if the road is wet some sections are slippery, so take if slowly, particularly on the descents and bends. Some 4WDs going the other way travel pretty fast, so you will want to keep left despite some potholes and surface mud.

Travelling on Wielangta Road you will pass the Sandspit River Reserve Picnic Area (last toilet) and the top end of the Sandspit River Track which you might wish to visit later to walk the interpreted track through wet sclerophyll forest. 

Further along the road you will cross the Sandspit River at the signposted bottom end of the walking track. You are now about 2 km from our meeting point. Continuing onward you will climb over a low rise and then descend towards an unnamed bridge over Ponybottom Creek. Next to the sign with the bridge symbol is a yellow guide post with '21' on it. Cross the bridge and use the first driveway on your left to make a U-turn. Cross back over the same bridge and pull in at 45 degrees into the parking strip on the left of Wielangta Road.

We will walk along an established vehicle track near the Creek. The track has a few puddles, fallen branches and young saplings to dodge around along the way.

We will return to the cars at 11:45 AM and then drive to another entry to the property where we will park about 1km in from Wielangta Road. From there we will ascend Chestermans Sugarloaf by gravel road, with an optional detour to the flooded swale, which requires a single file push through an overgrown track.

Near the top of Chesterman's Sugarload we will stop for lunch and a hot brew. The keen can walk to the summit. Afterwards we will return to the cars.

For anyone keen to walk the Sandspit River Track on the way home, there is a possibility of organising a car swap - one at the bottom, one at the top, and exchange keys when you meet in the middle.

Added 30 August, amended 31 August 2021

About iNaturalist and TFNC

Since June 2021, observations from excursions have been recorded as projects on iNaturalist. Please use this link to see them

More observations made on excursions can be added at any time, so it is never too late.

If you are familiar with any of the species observed, we would appreciate if you could either agree with the species ID or suggest the possible ID so the observation can become “research quality” and available to other users.

The link also allows you to become a member of the TFNC umbrella project so you can receive notifications from iNaturalist when excursions are updated.


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