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Citizen Science

From time to time the Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club is asked if members can send observations or carry out more active research into a topic about the natural world.

This page provides descriptions and contact details for citizen science opportunities. They are listed in chronological order as they are received.

Vegetation Surveys - Help wanted

Assist a PhD student researching impact of fallow deer in Central Plateau. More...

 (Added 10 September 2019)

 Anaspides Study

A request for information about the distribution of Anaspides (Tasmanian mountain shrimp) from a German-Australian research team.  Read more here.

 Save our Seabirds

Appeal from the Pennicott Foundation    l     Pennicot Foundation website

(Added 17 December 2018, updated 20 August 2019)

 Help to eliminate European Wasps from Mt Wellington Park

Recently while enjoying a walk on Mt Wellington, two of our members met one of the Park Rangers who was eradicating European Wasp nests. The Ranger requests that anyone who comes across a nest should contact him, and provide information on location of the next, by a GPS reading if available.

Wellington Park Ranger:

Ben Masterman


Phone: 6238 2976,  0408 517 534