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The TFN Bulletin

The Bulletin is published quarterly and distributed to all  members. It contains details of meetings for the next three months, and reports of excursions held in the past 3 months. Members are also encouraged to contribute notes and photographs of interesting observations. There are guidelines for Bulletin content below.

The deadline for the next Bulletin is 15 October 2019. Contributions should be emailed to the editor at:


Tas Field Nats Quarterly Bulletin July 2019

Tas Field Nats Quarterly Bulletin April 2019

Tas Field Nats Quarterly Bulletin January 2019


Tas Field Nats Quarterly Bulletin October 2018

Tas Field Nats Quarterly Bulletin No. 371 July 2018

Tas Field Nats Quarterly Bulletin No. 370 May 2018

Tas Field Nats Quarterly Bulletin No. 369 January 2018

Tas Field Nats Quarterly Bulletin No. 368 October 2017

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 Tas Field Nats Quarterly Bulletin No. 366 April 2017


Some issues from past years are also provided on the Archive page here.


Bulletins from January 2000 until January 2017 can be found below. Click on the link to view the folder of previous Bulletins.

Bulletins 2000-Jan 2017


Guidelines for Bulletin submissions

1. Excursion reports
Compose in Word or plain text with minimum formatting. Species names in italics. No embedded images.
2. Images
Minimum 300k, but the larger the better. No need to crop them. Label with species name, description or location, abbreviated if necessary. Do not embed images in the document, submit as a separate file.
3. Species lists
List in Word, or in plain text. Do not submit in a Word table or in Excel. List in alphabetical order.

Plants are usually listed with Latin names in italics in the form Genus species followed by variety if applicable. Common names can be included if desired, but usually there is not room for family etc names.

Vertebrates, including birds, are usually listed with common name, although include Latin names if you wish. Invertebrates: list as Genus species if known, and/or family and common name if desired or applicable. Just remember that there is limited room and each item should fit onto a maximum two lines.
Sometimes there will be a particular reason to vary the species list guidelines, eg grouping larger numbers of invertebrates under common name category.

Email submissions to


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