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Archived AGM reports


2019 Committee

Tas Field Naturalists Committee elected at 7 March 2019 at the AGM

President: Kevin
Vice-President: Genevieve Gates
Secretary: Margaret Warren................................
Treasurer: Jane
Naturalist Editor: Mick
Bulletin Editor: Deirdre
Walks and Talks: Amanda Thomson....................
Librarian: Annabel
Website: Deirdre

General Committee members:
Anna McEldowney
Abbey Throssell
Margaret Williams

Secretary's Report presented at AGM March 2019

At the end of what has been another good year for the club I would like to thank the committee members, most of whom have been serving on the committee for many years and who keep the club running smoothly.

 Another vote of thanks goes to Amanda Thomson who organised all the interesting speakers and the excursions we have enjoyed throughout the year. The average attendance at meetings was 30 and 15 at excursions.

 In March, members explored Tooms Lake, a place first visited by field nats in 1949 and the site of an Easter camp in 1969.

 In September Maria and John Grist revealed the sites of some of the old huts on Mt Wellington and told of their history.

 Also much appreciated by members was a tour of the TMAG collections facility at Rosny in November. Most people drive by these buildings without knowing what wonders are held within and Cathy Byrne gave us a most interesting and informative tour.

 In December we ended the year with an excursion to Echo Sugarloaf and a well attended BBQ at Randall’s Bay.

 Lastly a thank you to everyone who contributes photos to the Field Nats Facebook page. The site is followed by people not only from Tasmania but from all parts of the country. It is a good way of attracting new members and particularly young people who are the future of our club, so keep up the good work.

Speakers in 2018

 February: Simon Grove: Sinking to New Depths in Pursuit of Rare Tasmanian Mollusks (37 Members and Guests)

March:       Kevin Bonham: Highlights from Field Nats Bulletins (22)

April:          Els Wakefield: The Natural Wonders and People of Zambia, Botswana and Namibia (23)

May:           Peter Fehre: Another Natural Asset – Tasmania’s Native Orchids (37)

June:          Richard Robinson: Fungi, Fire and Forestry (27)

July:            Rod Griffin: Reproductive Biology of Australian Acacias (37)

August:       Stephen Harris: Tasmanian Callitris (27)

September: Maria and John Grist: Mt Wellington Huts (35)

October:     Helen Fitton: Seaweed Science (17)

November: Cathy Byrne: Lepidopterist’s Taxonomic Toolkit & Thalaina (Satin Moths) (35)

December:  Members Night (28)


February:  Gould’s Lagoon (18 Members and Guests)

March:       Toom’s Lake (13)

April:          New Town Falls (17)

May:           Handsome Caves (19)

June:          Woodvine (16)

July:            Mt Pleasant Observatory (14)

August:       Eucalyptus Id with Mark Wapstra (14)

September: Mt Wellington Hut Ruins (14)

October:      Rheban Beach (10)

November:  Tour of TMAG Collections and Research Facility (13)

December:   BBQ - Echo Sugarloaf, Randalls Bay (18)

                                                 Margaret Warren, Secretary